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It’s All in Communication: The Partnership Between Service Requesters and Service Providers

The service requester-service provider relationship should be an easy one—after all, you really can’t have one without the other. But all too often, there’s a disconnect. The culprit? Good, old-fashioned communication problems. Traditionally, communication between those in need of equipment repair and those providing it has been wrought with issues. Many times, service requests come in, but vital information is missing, which means service providers need to spend valuable time making additional calls and sending emails before they can dispatch a technician. Machine users then lose money waiting for their equipment to be fixed. Overall, a simple break in the communication chain comes at a cost for everyone involved.

But there’s a solution to this in the HIVE, a comprehensive quick-response digital platform that provides everything equipment techs need to know in just one simple scan of an encrypted decal.

What Makes It So Great

The HIVE makes it possible for a seamless partnership between service requesters and service providers through its instantaneous method of sharing information. As soon as a machine user makes a service request, the technician will know immediately which piece of equipment is having a problem, what the issue is, and which parts they should bring along on the service call. Suddenly, a repair that once would have taken hours of troubleshooting and multiple trips to round up parts can now be completed in a fraction of the time. In fact, HIVE users see a 60 percent increase in first-time completion rates.

It’s All in the Encryption

The HIVE’s secret is all in the decals.

Each piece of equipment gets its own scannable, encrypted decal. When machine users need to make a service request, they scan the decal using the HIVE app, answer a few quick questions, and within minutes, they’re in the service provider’s queue.

What’s more, the HIVE also provides the exact GPS location of the equipment in question, so the dispatcher can immediately tell the technician exactly where they need to go. Once the technician arrives on site, he or she has the ability to let the service requester and dispatcher know by scanning the decal once again.

A final scan when the technician completes the repair quickly notifies everyone that the equipment is ready to go, and just like that, the machine user can get back to the task at hand. The technician can then move onto the next service request in the queue without having to waste valuable time calling in to the dispatcher to track down the details for the next job—all of the information is ready and waiting thanks to the HIVE.

Partnering Better

In a world where time is money, the speed and effectiveness of a service call can make or break a provider-requester relationship. The HIVE system was created because our team knew that by solving traditional communication problems in the service request space, we could help grow trust and strengthen working partnerships. The HIVE effectively removes the guesswork out of so many points in the equipment repair process, keeping everyone in the loop, and reducing frustrating callbacks. It’s the communication solution that companies and clients alike say they can’t live without.

Are you ready to communicate better with the HIVE app? Click here to get started!


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