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Solving the Great Technician Shortage with HIVE Technology

There’s no doubt about it: finding enough service technicians to get the job done is an enormous industry problem these days. Despite high base pay rates of $48 to $60 an hour, techs are still leaving their jobs in droves—and replacing them is harder than ever before.

The issue is that service requests still keep coming in, whether there are enough techs available to do the work, or not. At the end of the day, something’s got to give. That’s where the HIVE comes in. An application that uses real-time data to streamline communication between the end user and service provider.

Solving the Great Technician Shortage with HIVE Technology

Saves Time

Without the HIVE, service requests can take hours to submit, especially if there is missing information that requires multiple phone calls or emails to track down. With the HIVE, service requests take less than 45 seconds to complete. End users simply scan a unique decal on the piece of equipment with the secure HIVEQR app. Because the decal already has the vital information service providers need, 1st time completion rates have improved by 60%.

Saves Money

If time is money, then the HIVE definitely puts back cash in pockets. End users love it because less back and forth for the tech means less billable hours and a much lower total invoice. For service providers dealing with technician shortages, the HIVE allows them to respond to and dispatch techs on more service calls than ever before as a result of increased 1st Call Completion.

The HIVE allows you to have less moments of dread when equipment breaks down on site

Reduces Frustrations

For end users, this means less moments of dread when equipment breaks down on site. They can rest assured that they’ll be up and running faster than ever before. In addition, service providers will have the opportunity to confidently commit themselves to providing a smooth customer experience because they know the HIVE has their back.


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