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JEvolution is a revolutionary software product used to create Operational and Tactical Analytical reports in record time by allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime.


JEvolution greatly improves the time to market of your reporting projects. With JEvolution you can offer access to Operational and Tactical analytical reports  via browsers, tablets and smart phones.




Access to reports and granular security  are controlled via roles and profiles. Ldap authentication supported.


All queries generated by JEvolution can be accessed through browsers, tablets and Smartphones and can be hosted in the cloud or local servers visible on the network.

Self-Services Portal

JEvolution will allow the creation of self-service portals, through which employees and business partners  can access information that is critical for efficient business operations.

Multiple Database  and Olap Cubes Support

Currently supported databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Informix, PostgreSQL, IBM ISeries, IBM DB2U, Sybase, Maria DB, Progress.   The following olap cubes can be accessed via XML connectivity:  Mondrian;  Microsoft; SAP; Palo.


All JEvolution generated reports can be scheduled to run automatically and be distributed to a user or groups of users.  JEvolution has  a powerful scheduler  that  allows reports to be  run on certain days of the month and at specific times.

Operational and Tactical Analytical Reports

Dashboards, Operational and Tactical analytical reports can be created in record time helping organizations improve their processes and improving the bottom line.

Export in PDF or Excel

All reports generated with JEvolution can be exported in PDF and Excel formats. Reports Generated by the scheduler can be exported to excel micros, txt, .csv and excel formats.


Operational reports generated with JEvolution are responsive.  This allows for a smooth user experience when viewing reports from browsers, tablets and smart phones.

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